Write a book – What Program Should I use


So you decided to write a book and now you’ve got a problem. What program should be used to write it?

Frankly you’ve got lots of choices. In this article, I will discuss some of them

There are two main types of software you can write books :.

1. Word processing. These are the basic writing program like MS Word, Sun OpenOffice, Corel WordPerfect and MS Works Word. They were originally designed for Writing Business letters and other similar documents. Originally little more than a text processor they are now full-fledged writing tools including such niceties as grammar checking, spell checking and reading scale calculators.

2nd Edition software. This is a software like Adobe Acrobat and MS Publisher. It grew out of the graphics industry. Editing software is focused on helping typist and weak in structure. Edition software is weak and strong beats of the organization.

Generally speaking you will want to write an eBook with a word processor rather than publishing applications. While publishing programs give you great flexibility in laying out the eBook and make it look pretty, they are weak when it comes to supporting head down to write. And write eBook is primarily head down to write. In addition, the organization for the eBook is usually very simple and well within the capabilities of a word processor.

Of course, there are exceptions, such as a picture book child.

But if you are writing a typical how to book, the focus will be to help you write rather than planning book.

means that you will want to use tools such as Microsoft Word, OpenOffice sun, Corel Word Perfect or MS Word Works.

These programs fall into two broad categories. The first is a full-fledged word processor. These are programs such as Microsoft Word, OpenOffice Writer Sun and Corel Word Perfect. Other less active devices such as MS Works word processor.

While the cost of tools such as MS Works is attractive, there is no reason why the author should accept lower activity. Nor should they do it. While Microsoft Word is expensive, other competitive tools very affordable.

Microsoft Word is the most common word processor. It is also the most expensive. It has a Flesch-Kincaid reading style calculator built. However, it is not output in pdf format. To convert to a PDF requires the use of a separate tool. While this is easy to use they can be expensive.

Corel Word Perfect is the granddaddy of the word processor. It is a cheap compared to Word. However, it is not cheap. It actually has the same tools and Word. It does have a visible score calculator and also can produce PDF files.

Sun OpenOffice Writer is an open source word processor. It is the most inexpensive of word processors – it’s free! Although it has almost all the tools necessary, including the ability to produce PDF files, it is lacking in one area. It does not have a readability score calculator.


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