What is the difference between the book and Traditional book?


People often wonder about the difference between eBook and traditional books. These two types of books all have one thing in common, they both contain information and knowledge on a specific topic.

First, the eBooks are electronic, which means they are not made of ink or paper. eBooks are regarded by many as more nature friendly because it uses no ink and paper, so to minimize the cutting down of trees. eBooks can be easily submitted online, which significantly cuts down on packaging, shipping and delivery costs.

On the other hand, the traditional book uses paper and ink and is usually sold in bookstores or bookstores. If you can not get these books in stores, you can order them online, but you will spend on freight costs.

eBooks can easily be stored in your computer, eBook reader mobile where you can access and read it somewhere. A traditional book contains a library or bookshelf where it could wear out in time. There is also a tendency that after reading, the book will be forgotten.

eBooks are now considered the book the next generation, because you should be able to create and publish books that most people will find great value and that they can refer to every now and then. It is amazing that many advantages of the cyber world has contributed, especially when it comes to marketing.


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