The best material to write a book about


Every once in a while I’m asked, “Who are the best material to write a book about?” And I always have to bite my tongue (before I make three quick answers). And remind me that it is a legitimate question asked by someone who really does not know that I can not give a straight answer to the question. They are the only one who can answer this question.

So it’s another quick answer? (You may think first.)

What is your passion!

Real useful, huh?

Okay let’s expand on the answer and make it useful to urinate a little more.

best topic to write a book about is the one that most closely meets the three criteria. The first requirement is that you are passionate about the subject. Another is that the content has readers who are also passionate about the subject. Enough that they are willing to put down good money for information on the subject. And finally, the third condition is that the content must encourage the reader to buy.

Sound familiar?

Yeah, it’s the same criteria to choose a place to open a business in. And for the same reasons.

Ultimately, you need to encourage you to write an eBook and you have to encourage the reader to read the eBook.

By choosing a subject you are passionate about achieving the first – to inspire you to live the headache that comes

By choosing a general topic the reader is passionate about .. And specific content that will encourage the reader allows you to reach second. Your reader will actually buy and read your eBook.

Another answer is why you are the only one who can truly answer the question.

The third answer is sort of a short cut. If you think another question that learning to fish, this is to give you fish.

Basically, health, wealth and relationships best material.

And no I’m not going to leave it at that. I’ve always had an aversion to disabled people smelts. Or picking them up. Or stay on the beach when the silly are running. (If you grew up landlocked, smelt run this spring. Those who do not get caught by fishermen end up on the beach. The stench is indescribable).

Do you recognize them? No, not smelt – the best stuff. Think Maslow. Physiology, security, belonging and respect. Health and safety are blank. Relationships are belong.

The whole point is that these are substances that encourage the reader. These are substances that must be met before higher material can be dealt with (things like prestige, ethics and growth).

They are also subject to (the type) are the least confident. And the most vulnerable.


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