Ebook Pricing Strategy – How To Pricing Your Ebook


It’s always nice to put the finishing touches on a new book. Now you have to choose how much to charge for it.

Identify the best price is critical to the success of your book. If you charge very low prices that some will believe it to be of little value, and they will probably be reluctant to invest in your book. If you ask for a very high price, then again you may discover that very few people want to order it.

There is a reason for choosing the appropriate price for your eBook is one of the most crucial aspects of writing and selling books.

The very first thing you should think about is how much your target readers can afford to pay. Do not forget that price is one of the major factors that people use to judge the value of eBook before purchasing it.

That’s why some experts advise that you start with a higher price tag, launch the eBook with a major marketing promotion and try to get as many sales as possible at high prices first. You can still reduce the price later.

There are several different formulas floating around for pricing books, but each situation is unique.

You will surely make you pay if you weigh up your targets carefully before you start your book.

Is your principal aim to attract more customers to your business? If that is the case then seize power and wider distribution is worth more than the profit you could make on this particular book. In this case you should set your sale price at a low level so as to maximize the amount of books that you can sell and distribute. This is an effective pricing strategy if you want to acquire long-term customers who will buy from you again later.

is the main goal to deliver some quite new and useful information that readers will have difficulty finding elsewhere? In that case you should set the price at a higher level. This is an effective pricing strategy if you expect the information to be in high demand and you want to maximize the profit you make in the first few weeks of launch.

These are just a few ideas to help you with eBook pricing but I hope it gives you some ideas on how to approach pricing book.


Choose The Most Profitable Content for your eBook


Choose the material for the first (or tenth) ebook is the biggest factor in determining the success or failure of the project. Ebook that is well written, provides great information, and is perfectly formatted will generate few sales if the subject is little or no interest to buyers.

For that reason, it is quite important that you write books that have wide mass-market appeal. Many experts advise you to write about topics that interest you. This advice will result in poor ebook sales almost always. You have to write books on the subject that others are interested. It is the way to generate consistent, profitable results.

To find profitable subjects, visit the larger forums like Warrior Forum and Digital Point. Look for posts that have a high number of views and responses. These are subjects that people are interested in. Take notes and learn. After you have isolated four or five potential subjects, do a search on these potential subjects. Make sure that you will find a number of similar products that are available for sale.

Start out by visiting the sales pages of these competing products. Check Alexa ranking. The lower the Alexa ranking the more popular sites. If all the sites have Alexa ratings in excess of 5 million, you may want to find another topic. Next check their Google Page Rank. This system ranks sites from 0 to 10. The larger the number, the more popular the site. Search page ranks in excess of 3 or 4. This is usually a sign that the site is getting good traffic figures.

Once you have isolated a good subject, you should start compiling research for the book. Make sure you provide comprehensive step-by-step information in your book. Instead of saying “use an FTP program to upload files to your website,” tell them exactly how to use FTP program. Give them detailed instructions on how to use it every step of the way. Provide links and let them know where they can get the software free if free version is available. This is the type of book that will become a best seller. Never skimp on the information you give to readers.

By following the techniques above, you can write best selling books again and again. Who knows, with a new book writing skills, you can become the next millionaire Guru.

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How to write the first Ebook


write the first book may seem like a daunting task. But like many projects, it will not be so bad when it’s broken down into manageable chunks. Not all projects are successful, so do not be too disappointed if your first book is a best seller. Whatever the outcome of the first book, you can at least say ‘You did it. ”

Like many things in life, what often seems impossible can be achieved with the right attitude and the right equipment. It could be a marathon run, climbing a mountain or finding parking in the supermarket.

If you want to play golf, you need clubs, balls and some practice. There is no guarantee that you will become another Tiger Woods but you will become a golfer.

If you want to write a book, you will need a computer, software and some directions. Assuming you have a computer and software or access to them, here are some guidelines.

Establish reasons

reasons for wanting to write a book will have a huge impact on your success. It may be for financial gain, to promote business, promote your career, education, self satisfaction or something else. Whatever the reasons, write them down. It will help to motivate you if the going gets tough.

Select subject

There are countless people that you can write about. It is wise to choose something you are interested in or knowledge of. It is worth spending time on this. The more you know about your subject, the easier it will be to write about.

Select title

After you’ve chosen your subject, you have a title for the ebook. It is worth writing down a few different ones before you decide what you will use. This will help to keep your focus and may give you some other ideas. The title should give a clear indication of material in your book. A catchy title may help to sell it, but remember to balance this with clarity to keep it in perspective. I’ve written down two examples. Feel free to use them if you have a sense of humor

A Clubbers Paradise -. Golf in Ibiza

20 minutes late – Future Trains

Select the audience

The subject and style of writing will determine your audience. Determine the identity of the audience will be. Age, gender, culture, social background and education are factors you may want to consider. What you write should be targeted at the appropriate audience.

Write a thesis statement

Although it is possible to write a book without a ‘thesis statement’, it is not recommended. If you are unfamiliar with this term, it There are many sources available that will provide you with all the information you need. Unfortunately, there are some disputes that can lead to confusion.

The ‘thesis statement’ deserves an entire article on its own, but now I write a general definition of a thesis statement for books. This may leave the door open for criticism but is a small price to pay if it removes some of the confusion. More importantly, it will give you a foundation on which to start. Use it only as reference . If you want more definition, Google is a good place to start your search.

thesis statement is a sentence or two written clearly show the reason (s) for your book and what you hope to write about.

Although I have referred to it as a general definition, keep in mind that the actual statement should be as specific as possible.

Think of it as the basis for the book. It should include the following:

1) subject

2) Your opinion on the subject

3) A supporting reason for your opinion

4) weight 1), 2) and 3)

Create Your document

Now that you have a base, you can start writing.

A standard application like MS Word is a good choice.

While you are writing a document that you can review the thesis statement at any time up until it is published. This provides good flexibility.

Select the format and layout of the document, including chapters, headings and introductions. Depending on the subject, you may want to add photographs, anecdotes or testimonials that keep the reader’s attention.

Since the book is usually read from the screen, you may want to break up the text more than in a printed book. Experiment with a few different fonts and look at other ebooks for ideas you can use. Spell and save the document regularly. MS Word has an auto recovery feature. This is useful if you do not save the document on a regular basis and later experience a system crash. Always backup file. As a precaution you should also keep a copy of other media, such as CD.

Select eBook format

This is a personal choice. You can decide to create an executable (.exe) file or Portable Document Format (.pdf) file. Not an exhaustive list, here are some things to consider before you choose.

EXE files are processed using ebook compiler

EXE files may offer features that are not available with PDFs

EXE file can only be read on a computer

EXE files do not need any other software to read

EXE file is easy to open, easy to brand and good viral marketing tools

EXE files may be susceptible to viruses although some translators Antivirus

More information about better compilers can be found at


PDF files can be created with Adobe Acrobat

PDF files can be created with any other 3rd party applications

PDF files are the industry standard

PDF files can be read by both PC and MAC

PDF files require Adobe Reader to read

PDF files are highly unlikely to become infected

For more information on PDFs can be found on the Adobe website

Create Ebook

Create ebook preferred format.

Congratulations you are now a writer.


Understanding the eBook Evolution


Have you seen offers for them on various websites. Maybe you attended the book fair and took several authors selling CDs along with paperbacks. Maybe you sat next to someone at a coffee shop he read a document on his laptop or personal digital assistant. You might think this is limited to the company, some other type of work, but electronic books, or books, is fast becoming a mainstream industry. While eBooks may never achieve the popularity and demand of the printed word, eBook readers is definitely growing and will prove a realistic picture of the media in the future.

What is eBook?

before you delve into specifics about electronic publishing, it is important to keep in mind exactly what eBook and eBook serves any purpose. Simply put, the term “electronic book” is self-explanatory: eBook can be a novel, a collection of stories and / or poems, self-help manual, essay, book or document length. eBooks can be as short as five thousand words or well over one hundred thousand. Some eBooks can have pictures and tables embedded within the pages, and others may prove to be more interactive and features audio and / or video capability.

Some eBooks are recorded books in print and made available as downloadable files or on CD-ROM. Some eBook publishers assign ISBN numbers for their titles, while others can register works with the US Copyright Office. Many publishers believe eBook production subsidiary rights in their contracts, and can option the rights from the author in the negotiations.

The fundamental difference between books and print books, of course, is that the eBook is an electronic document designed to be read on a computer or special handheld device. eBooks are easy to produce and can be made available in various formats, including but not limited to:

HTML – presented as a simple website

Adobe PDF – introduced look like Actual document onscreen, read with Adobe Reader

Microsoft LIT – a special format for Microsoft Reader and Pocket PC

Mobipocket (.PRC) – a special format compatible handheld PDAs such as Palm or old Handspring devices

EXE -. popular non-fiction books, this self-extracting format book presents in a unique form that allows the reader to “turn the pages”

However eBook produced special reading software may be necessary to read the document. Although simple HTML document needs only a browser, others with different extensions can not open certain readers. It is best to always check with the seller before buying eBook to ensure that you can open the file.

What is the purpose of Ebook?

Electronic books are used for the same purpose and print books, ie for entertainment, business, or news

Entertainment :. these are usually novels and short story / poetry collections. Such books are mainly found in specific websites Top NYC publishers who offer electronic download, or through small publishers offering books in electronic and print on demand format. eBooks from smaller companies may be priced according to length and type, from two dollars to as high as eight long work. eBooks from established publishers may cost more, the price to match the print mates. Popular genres for leisure reads in electronic form are romance, science fiction and erotica.

works in the public domain, including novels of the nineteenth century, may be presented in eBook format to download for free. The Gutenberg Library online houses thousands of such works for personal and educational use

Business :. . “Secret to Success” Look around on the Internet and you can find a number of websites offering sales of books showing online entrepreneurs use eBook format for simplicity and low-cost production to market ideas and products to customers. In this state you can find books on how to open a successful online business or how to lose weight. Books of this kind may be distributed free to attract return business or may be sold for as much as thirty dollars for self-extracting file

News :. Businesses or organizations can employ eBook format to distribute white papers or other important documents. Government reports, business trends and other information in the public domain may be available in this form.

How eBooks distributed?

The most common form of eBook distribution are through what publishers and third-party vendors

Publisher :. Whether it is an established NYC house, a small eBook press or self-publishing author, chances are high that there is a website created to tout the book. A quick search for eBook publishers land many ways. Such websites offer either immediately download the eBook via weblink or delivery of e-mail attachments. Other publishers burnt books to CD-ROM and ship them to customers

Third Party Store :. Online retailers like Amazon.com, BN.com and Fiction Wise are good examples of eBook retailers. Such sites offer books for immediate download and can even keep your information on the account and make recommendations for future purchases. Such retailers as eBook publishers will accept payments via electronic transfer to expedite the sale.

Future books

Given the ease of production and distribution, is likely eBooks can be an important medium in the future. As technology evolves and reading devices become more complex, sales eBook fiction may rise in the coming years. Handheld eBook readers have the advantage of being able to store several books at once and provide backlight for reading in the dark. Cost ban on devices and certain books may be the only factor preventing a boom right now, but in time and price will be competitive which may change.

For authors, eBook publication represents an opportunity to polish writing skills and test readers. For entrepreneurs, eBook publication offers a new avenue for product promotion and increase sales. Whatever plans for eBook are, one can say that electronic books are here to stay.


The benefits of traditional textbooks Over Books


Many say traditional textbooks are on the way out. To some, this is still far from being entirely truthful. It will still be students and book readers who will always prefer the printed copies of books. Thus, it is to be expected that even if books become more common and used form of reference materials, traditional books will still exist.

Some experts argue that the fate of printed books will be like the fate of the spindle in the past. When CDs first became popular, there were still many users cassettes that have sworn not to leave the cassette player and tapes. But ultimately, CDs clearly was preferred and used. Of course, still some people want cassette.

In the case of the traditional textbook against books, many still think it is impossible for printed books to become obsolete. The following benefits of the printed reference materials compared to electronic form may change your opinion on this issue.

Printed books can be truly ‘owned’

Many users feel ‘own’ printed books they purchase. Full ownership may be obtained by making the object part of the owner. To many, that may be in the form of physical material and even write in it. Ownership is not just physical but also irreversible. You may agree to have the right to read the content of the digital file is different from the book will be sitting next to you.

Printed books can be lent or borrowed

One of the disadvantages of the books is that they can never be loaned or borrowed, unless you agree to submit eReader or device to the other, which can be embarrassing or uncomfortable on your part. eBook distributors make sure downloads, the acquisition can not be re-distributed or shared with others. Thus, the traditional book has the advantage of being able to serve as many readers or students of its life span.

Printed reference materials offer experience

Traditional books facilitate tactile experience. For comparison, the books draw books in mere words. That’s where the big difference sets. Traditional books can be held, touched and even smelled — experience combine to make books. In contrast, books provide a similar experience to play videos and music shuffle-forgotten and not worth it.

Used books are advantageous

And who can ignore the utility used reference materials? Traditional textbooks can buy new (expensive) or use (much cheaper). There are still other options when buying conventional books. That is why books will always be expensive and you may never find used eBook copies on the internet.


Advertising eBook


How do you go about getting the word out and promote your eBook? So, you’ve written your eBook, you are excited and want to shout it from the rooftops, but how do you make sure that all the required eBook will know about it? There are several ways to advertise your eBook that do not cost a whole lot of money. After all you do not want to spend money before you have done something.

So how do you promote your eBook without eating away at profit potential? You take advantage of the wonders of technology and the Internet. It’s not just for fun and chat, the Internet is a wonderful marketing and advertising tool.

1). Article Marketing So you’ve written an eBook, why would you want to write articles on eBook? Because marketing articles submitted to various directories can help spread the word about eBook and directing people to buy the book. Marketing Articles help establish your expertise on the subject, readers will find marketing articles that provide good information will be more likely to pay for the eBook to learn more from you.

2.) Social Networking- So you can not be a Twitter addict or Facebook fan, but you can use social networks to share information about your eBook. All you have to do is to share the link or basic with a group of friends, they will then pass it on to all his friends, and the eBook will end up in front of hundreds and thousands of people who are all potential readers.

3). Blogging- If you establish a blog on your niche topic, and provide plenty of informative blog posts, useful links and communication with your readers, this is the ideal place to promote your eBook. Readers already know what they can expect from you and will be more likely to purchase an eBook but if they have no idea who you are. A blog is a marketing tool for continuous writing.

These three simple things can give you free advertising, word of mouth and easily share-able strategies promote your eBook. Advertising your eBook is going to play a large part in the success of eBook and will provide you with future customers as well. Providing answers to the problem, need information and useful solutions through blogs, eBook and marketing your articles and like to share information through social networks are all ways to bring your knowledge and build your reputation as a writer and eBook author.