Money Making Ideas – How To Sell eBook From Your Blog


Many get as far as having their book written, but they are locked. If you have an eBook, you want to sell, but do not know how to do it, then read on, and you’ll learn a few ways to sell your book from your blog.

First of all, a blog is a great place to start selling eBook. You should write often, and so do people familiar style.

Your blog should be related to the topic of your eBook. Show people that you know something about these issues to create trust in the

As for actually selling the book, it gets more or less technical

1: .. Get cover graphics.

I strongly recommend that you purchase or create some kind of cover graphics. People want to see, feel and touch the product before they buy. This is not really possible with electronic stuff, so you have to give second best :. A picture of the product as it might have looked, if the book was physical

2: Find a way to collect and deliver your eBook.

You have several options here. Some will cost you money in advance, while others will require some kind of technology you

-. PayPal – It is easy to create a “buy now” button on PayPal, if you submit your PDF files to your server, you can even add a link to the purchase method and direct your buyers to the point right after PayPal has approved payment . It is free to start selling with PayPal, you pay a small fee for each sale

-. Digi Results – This could be even easier to use than PayPal. It’s free to join and start to sell, and you can simply upload a file to Digi Results by clicking a button, and they will see the delivery for you. You get a huge advantage by using them, because after the first sale, the product will be visible on the market and others could start selling it. You will pay them a percentage of their choice to do so, it is well worth

-. E-Junkie – While it is not free to sell eBook from E-Junkie, rates are very low. And people have reported a sharp increase in sales, after he has installed its products in E-Junkie. It is one of the places that I have not yet tried me, although I will perhaps make it today. E-Junkie also offers an affiliate system, so you can have an army of people to sell the book for you.

The above three methods are, in my opinion, the easiest ways to get started with selling eBook. from a blog

3 :. Use full-blown WordPress theme to do it for you

Give blog visitors the impression of professionalism by using a theme for your blog with the same look and feel to the sales page.

You can use it to collect payment and deliver eBook as well.


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