Ebook Pricing Strategy – How To Pricing Your Ebook


It’s always nice to put the finishing touches on a new book. Now you have to choose how much to charge for it.

Identify the best price is critical to the success of your book. If you charge very low prices that some will believe it to be of little value, and they will probably be reluctant to invest in your book. If you ask for a very high price, then again you may discover that very few people want to order it.

There is a reason for choosing the appropriate price for your eBook is one of the most crucial aspects of writing and selling books.

The very first thing you should think about is how much your target readers can afford to pay. Do not forget that price is one of the major factors that people use to judge the value of eBook before purchasing it.

That’s why some experts advise that you start with a higher price tag, launch the eBook with a major marketing promotion and try to get as many sales as possible at high prices first. You can still reduce the price later.

There are several different formulas floating around for pricing books, but each situation is unique.

You will surely make you pay if you weigh up your targets carefully before you start your book.

Is your principal aim to attract more customers to your business? If that is the case then seize power and wider distribution is worth more than the profit you could make on this particular book. In this case you should set your sale price at a low level so as to maximize the amount of books that you can sell and distribute. This is an effective pricing strategy if you want to acquire long-term customers who will buy from you again later.

is the main goal to deliver some quite new and useful information that readers will have difficulty finding elsewhere? In that case you should set the price at a higher level. This is an effective pricing strategy if you expect the information to be in high demand and you want to maximize the profit you make in the first few weeks of launch.

These are just a few ideas to help you with eBook pricing but I hope it gives you some ideas on how to approach pricing book.


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