Books – The Best and Powerful Places to selling books


After a lot of painstaking work, finally you are now made completely with your very own e-book. But, the trouble is not over yet, right? There is another question about where is the best place to sell e-books as there are more opportunities to generate revenue from the traffic conditions for your website

Clue # 1 -. Own website. You heard that right, folks! The best place and the most practical place to feature e-book is in your own website. Before you go and think about other places, it is wise to consider your site first. At this point, you are in complete control. You can do almost anything in the desire to promote e-book. You can write a review about your own e-book, you can show a picture or two to entice website and do just about anything to be featured. There are no rules you need to follow compared to contribute in other pages where there are rules you have to go

Clue # 2 -. Affiliates. Take advantage of partners especially those who have a large following. By sharing with them part of your profits, you would be able to generate more revenue without having to lose money at all

Clue # 3 -. Newsletter. By offering e-book in newsletters you will be more directly to potential customers and clients. References and guest account a lot in making the sale, and this is something that you need to achieve maximum benefits.


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